Franchise Opportunities

Recession-resistant, profitable 24/7 and highly stable. Grow your revenue without growing your overhead costs!

Real Estate Solutions gives you instant credibility as a foremost expert in property management

Our systems are unmatched. They are polished and tested. Our training ensures you will have all the tools you need to master running your RES Franchise.

Why buy a Real Estate Solutions Franchise?

More money in your pocket, more hours in your day

Making money is great. Making money while you sleep is the stuff dreams are made of. Welcome to Real Estate Solutions. Our systems give you an unmatched advantage when you are competing for doors to manage, and once you have all those doors under management, our systems also give you the peace of mind and free time to enjoy your life. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

A completely groundbreaking way to manage a large volume of properties.

The “other guys” run traditional property management models. Their overhead, their inefficiencies, and lack of streamlined systems all create a drag on the bottom line. This couldn’t be farther from how we operate at Real Estate Solutions. Speed, efficiency, and results mean more money in your pocket, and more doors to manage. We’ve proven this concept since 2008, and no other company has figured out what we have.

Lower franchise fees

We offer a low initial investment, we charge lower fees over time than other PM franchises. Your success is truly our success. We want you to have more money in YOUR bank account, not ours.

Comprehensive and ongoing training

You will get a lot of training – both online and in-person at our office building – with the owners of the company. The very people who put everything in place back in 2008 and who have been improving everything year after year, are the ones who will guide you towards your own successful office. Not a lot of franchises offer this level of personal involvement with franchisees. We are invested in you, the franchisee, and we are here to do our part to ensure your success.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss the steps to open up your very own Real Estate Solutions office.

More On Real Estate Solutions Franchise Opportunities

Keep more of your money! Like all things related to Real Estate Solutions, there is no fine print and there are no hidden fees.

Marketing Residential Property

Proven Marketing

With a wide array of proven marketing methods, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) techniques, all bundled around the most polished, most efficient and lowest cost PM company in your city, we will teach you not only how to add new business as quickly as possible, but also how to cultivate all of your existing contacts and turn them into a powerful referral network and a powerful source of 5 star online reviews.

RES Shows Residential Properties

Large Corporate Power

Nothing says power like being able to offer the lowest costs in the industry, industry-leading responsiveness and results for your clients, along with the best suite of services and technology. That’s the power of the Real Estate Solutions property management model.

Residential Property Management Contract

Proven Success

Our business model has thrived in over a decade of turbulent economic times, with the Denver office consistent and steady year-over-year growth. Our systems have gotten more and more streamlined and as a franchisee, you will be part of a company whose culture is continuous improvement that ensures higher levels of client satisfaction, via our “non-commission” structure. – something our competitors cannot match.

Our Team Looks Out For You

Systems & Processes

Everything RES touches involve a sophisticated paperless and cloud-based internal system and/or checklist. These are easy to follow, efficient and constantly evolving with the needs of the business. You can literally run your RES office from an iPhone. Endlessly flexible!

Residential Property Management

Fees, fees, and more fees… NOT with us!

Our goal is for you to build your RES Franchise into a successful and highly profitable operation.

Our Franchise Agreement is more straightforward, has lower costs and will allow you to be much more profitable.

  • Extremely low overhead expenses
  • Superior pricing and efficiency
  • Unmatched speed and flexibility

We are the go-to property management franchise for entrepreneurs who understand that systems and company culture are what make an organization great.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the process to become the next RES franchisee!

Step 1

Complete the contact information requested on this page.

Step 2

Let’s talk! We will discuss who you are, what your qualifications are, where you would like to open a franchise and make sure this is a good mutual fit.

Step 3

We will send you our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) for your review. This will be followed by an application to open a franchise.

Step 4

Discovery Day! Once you’ve signed the FDD and you’re ready to move forward, we will invite you to our HQ in Denver so you can see, hear and experience what it’s like to run an RES Property Management Company. You’ll learn all about our brand and see our systems in action.

Step 5

This is where you will sign the FA (Franchise Agreement), sealing the deal and you will start preparing for your new life as an RES Franchise Owner. Congratulations!

Step 6

You’ll begin determining where you will open your RES office, and you’ll start working on all the details such as your real estate license, getting the lease and property management agreement reviewed to ensure compliance in your state, etc.

Step 7

We will establish your territory and any other outstanding questions.

Step 8

Training begins! Most of this will be at our Denver HQ, but much of it can be done remotely as well.

Step 9

Once training is completed and if you’re ready to go ( licensed, etc. with local/state entities ), initial marketing materials can be ordered to prepare you for your opening.

Step 10

Open for business, time to start adding doors and making money!