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Why Real Estate Solutions?

A business model no one else can match. Most PM franchisors don’t talk about this, because their entire franchise model relies on franchisees being trained to sell. Real Estate Solutions offers you something different. Something better. Because our business model is lightyears ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency, this means more profit for franchisees per door. Time is money and this is never more true than in property management. With lower fees to the landlord, your ability to add more doors, quickly, is unmatched. When you combine this with our marketing system – getting you in touch with those landlords – you have an unbeatable combination.

Franchise fees, startup fees, ongoing royalties. Ours are the lowest.

Training. Everyone offers training, but not like us. Our training is the most extensive, most ongoing and we won’t nickel-and-dime any franchisees who need additional support. Franchisees are a top priority, your success is our success.

Brand recognition. Landlords are highly unlikely to have ever seen a property management television commercial. Marketing a PM company is very different than marketing a ubiquitous product such as food. Our marketing, by design, is highly targeted and sophisticated. While the Real Estate Solutions brand is well-regarded, polished, professional, and represents value, brand recognition in our business is not something you should pay for when opening a franchise. What you want to pay for–and what we’re selling–is a system that is proven to work, proven to put you in front of landlords, and proven to be the most competitive and profitable. Our system checks those boxes and then some.

The profitability of the system. Ultimately, this is what matters the most. Our system has proven numbers showing unmatched profitability. Our percentage of revenue dollars that the franchisee takes home is extremely high, and we prove this with our business model year after year. Revenue goes up, while overhead stays flat.

A True Competitive Advantage. Efficiency.

Another area where franchisors pay lip service. At Real Estate Solutions, it’s our lifeblood.

One example: spending just 1 minute extra per door per month by processing paper rent on a 500 door operation adds an entire workday to your month in terms of time to manage. 8.3 hours. Therefore, we do not process paper rent payments. It may not seem like much, but most of our competitors don’t even consider “processing rent” an area for opportunity.

For us, any touch of any property, of any amount of time, is an opportunity for more efficiency.

This is the approach we teach to franchisees, and as a franchisee, you will have systems and processes at your fingertips that help you maintain this level of efficiency.

Every new efficiency that RES implements give us a bigger and bigger lead over the competition. Balancing efficiency with incredible customer service and communication is exactly how we position our business.

We assure you the other guys are not evaluating efficiency at this scale. They just want your franchise dollars. They will sell you and try to train you to sell landlords.

A CEO connected to daily operations.

Our founders, Greg and Lisa Weik are also constantly connected to the daily operation of the Denver HQ – an office that runs exactly as every franchised location. They are constantly piloting and evaluating new technology, new approaches, streamlining checklists, and more. The culture of continuous improvement is one that all of us at Real Estate Solutions, truly value.

This means that you have the same people who created and honed the franchise system, constantly working at improving every aspect of the business. The responsibilities for driving efficiencies and improvements are shared among our elite Team Members and Franchisees but never delegated to some mid-level manager.

Other PM franchises cannot make these claims. They have a system, and their focus is on selling that system. Many levels of salespeople will chase every lead for weeks and months at a time. For them, it’s all about sales. Franchise sales, and then teaching franchisees to sell. We believe there’s a better way. Our focus is on being the best – and if that means we sell more franchises, great. If not, we know we will continue to dominate and grow in the markets where we operate.

Comprehensive and ongoing training, and an academic mindset.

We believe in significant training. It never ends for any of us, and as a franchisee, you’ll have access to the founders of the company on a regular basis for ongoing training.

The most important part of our training is teaching you “how to think” as an elite RES operator. When you’re making money with your brain vs. your hands you have to adopt an academic mindset. You have to want to know everything you can, you have to be willing to do research when needed and you have to be willing to change processes and systems as needed, to remove bottlenecks.

That is all part of the RES company culture. If you become a franchisee, you’ll be incorporated into this system of shared knowledge and lightning-fast improvements to our daily operation. Once we pilot changes, we push them downstream for adoption by franchisees to make their operation just that much better. Continuous improvement and ongoing training are indispensable in property management.

More On Real Estate Solutions Franchise Opportunities

Keep more of your money! Like all things related to Real Estate Solutions, there is no fine print and there are no hidden fees.

Marketing Residential Property

Proven Marketing

The bottom line in property management is that you have to win the battle for doors. Landlords are going to talk to multiple local property managers, and you need them to hire you. With that in mind, our marketing is simply outstanding. Our marketing will get you in contact with prospective clients, and the RES value proposition will be unmatched in your area when it comes to closing the deal.

RES Shows Residential Properties

Large Corporate Power

We leverage all the benefits of a large corporation – the streamlined website, the highest and best uses of current technology, pricing at scale – but with the swiftness and personal touches of a very small company. We can turn on a dime. Our processes are constantly evolving and improving because we are never complacent. Our company mindset, whether it’s with 5 franchise units or 500, will always be the same. We are here to compete and here to win.

Residential Property Management Contract

Proven Success

Since 2008 a lot of companies have come and gone. The pandemic has wiped out thousands of businesses. Yet here we are, growing more than ever and as stable as we’ve ever been. Our business model has thrived in over a decade of turbulent economic times, with the Denver office consistent and steady year-over-year growth.  We’ve operated in multiple states and cities, each with completely different real estate markets and demographics. As a franchisee, you can rest assured that what you’ve bought into is battle-tested and ready for your success.

Our Team Looks Out For You

Systems & Processes

We could geek out on this for hours (probably, days) because it’s the cornerstone of who we are. Yes, all companies have systems, but none are implemented like ours. This is where the money truly is made (or lost) in property management. It all comes down to “how much time is spent per door, per month?” That number should be as close to zero as possible, while still offering world-class service to the client. We’ve been told low pricing and industry leading service can’t be combined, but we’ve been quietly doing it since 2008. Our stellar Google Reviews reiterate the point that it can absolutely be done.

Residential Property Management

Fees, fees, and more fees… NOT with us!

Keep more of your hard-earned money as a RES Franchisee.

Our Franchise Agreement is straightforward, has low costs, and will allow you to be much more profitable.

  • Extremely low overhead expenses
  • Superior pricing and efficiency
  • Unmatched franchisee training

We are the go-to property management franchise for entrepreneurs who understand that systems and company culture are what make an organization great.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the process to become the next RES franchisee!

Step 1

Have a real estate license or a partner who does. Then complete the contact information requested on this page.

Step 2

Let’s talk! We will discuss who you are, what your qualifications are, where you would like to open a franchise and make sure this is a good mutual fit.

Step 3

We will send you our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) for your review. This will be followed by an application to open a franchise.

Step 4

Discovery Day! Once you’ve signed the FDD and you’re ready to move forward, we will invite you to our HQ in Denver so you can see, hear and experience what it’s like to run an RES Property Management Company. You’ll learn all about our brand and see our systems in action.

Step 5

This is where you will sign the FA (Franchise Agreement), sealing the deal and you will start preparing for your new life as an RES Franchise Owner. Congratulations!

Step 6

You’ll begin determining where you will open your RES office, and you’ll start working on all the details -software, systems, setup, etc. -so we can get training underway.

Step 7

We will establish your territory and any other outstanding questions.

Step 8

Training begins! Training at Denver HQ and/or training remotely.

Step 9

Once training is completed initial marketing materials can be ordered to prepare you for your opening.

Step 10

Open for business, time to start adding doors and making money!