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These three words are what you can expect when you hire RES.
We manage Denver, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado properties at the highest level in the industry. If you need property management in Denver or Colorado Springs, or Northern Colorado, contact us.
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We Market Your Property

Our incredible (and free to you) marketing package is constantly evolving to match the current trends in the rental industry.

Prospective tenants can reach us easily to setup showings via text message, instant messenger, email or phone.

Our proprietary technology and systems lead to more rental applications and shorter vacancy times. You never pay for any of this marketing or technology.

We Show Your Property

We know that responsiveness is one of the keys to renting properties quickly, and to the most qualified tenants.

At Real Estate Solutions, we don’t rely on 3rd party showing services that allow tenants access to your home without a trained agent present (most of our competitors do this) – we always send a highly trained, professional RES Team Member in one of our company cars to each and every showing.

We also have excellent virtual tours we share with prospects when they can’t or do not want to meet an agent at the property.

Our entire leasing process is streamlined and can be accomplished without face-to-face meetings if necessary. We are always ready to show your property!

We Handle The Leasing

A proven, court-tested lease that covers all the bases is part of our unmatched value proposition to clients.

Not only is our lease proven, but it is constantly evolving with changes in landlord/tenant law and we ensure we are always in compliance so our clients simply don’t have to worry.

Our lease signings are virtual, making the process even easier and faster for your new tenants.

We Manage The Life-Cycle Of Your Rental Property

Once we’ve found great tenants for your Denver or Colorado Springs property, we work hard to ensure your property stays in top condition.

From rent collection to managing maintenance issues at your property to processing lease renewals and re-listing with minimal vacancy – our excellent communication and sophisticated systems keep your rental property running smoothly day after day, year after year.

We minimize your vacancy

Our average time between tenants is 5 days.

The property is listed on the market about 30 days prior to vacancy, at which time we are already conducting showings, processing applications, and making sure turnover work happens at lightning speed.

Real-time move out processing with our proprietary technology and systems, combined with carefully chosen elite vendors who can keep up with our pace, ensure your property is always clean, in great shape and ready for the next set of tenants without a costly vacancy in between.

We make it easy

Everything we do–everything we communicate–is designed to let you know how we plan to keep your costs down, occupancy high, and keep your property maintained.

Our service is designed to keep you from dealing with the stressful and time-consuming aspects of residential property management in Denver and Colorado Springs.

We do it all for you with no fine print and no hidden fees.

Quality property management in Denver, Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado revolves around empathy for YOU, the client.

We make what’s in your best interests, our best interests.

First and foremost, we focus on your bottom line! We want you happy and profitable. The only way that happens is if we take care of you and your property.

We are comprised of elite, non-commission professionals who are all working together for your best interests. We want your professionally managed rental property generating revenue month after month, year after year.

Instead of one designated property manager who may or may not meet your needs, and who may or may not be competent, at Real Estate Solutions you have our entire elite Team working for you! The Team at Real Estate Solutions will be working with you, for you, and on your property–as a Team. This includes the marketing, showings, leasing, maintenance, move-in and move-out inspections, and our communication with you. Our systems are seamless and our Team Members are all connected to you and your property.

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