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Efficiently manage your residential properties with our comprehensive property management services.


Whether it’s property management for a single-family home, a condo, a townhouse, or a multi-unit building, we are your one-stop for…

Real Estate Solutions does it all!

From marketing the property, showing the property, screening tenants, move-in inspections, lease preparation, handling repair issues, handling lease renewals, dealing with lease violations, handling move-outs, coordinating the turnover work, and much more.
We are the number one property management company in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado if you’re looking for quality tenants, guaranteed lowest pricing, unmatched responsiveness and results, and a stress-free experience with your rental property.
Residential Property Management

We manage the entire life-cycle of your residential property.

That means you don’t have to worry about your property… ever!

Great communication is not just clear, it’s timely and it anticipates the needs and concerns of our clients. RES is available via text, email or phone!

You want to know what’s going on with your property – especially if it’s vacant, a lease is about to end, or there is a repair underway. We have you covered.

We will let you know what’s going on with your rental property every step of the way. And if you have additional questions, we make it our top priority to be easy to reach. If you like to text, shoot us a text – it goes to our Team. If you prefer a call, no problem, give us a ring and we’ll be there for you. If email is easier, we are happy to give you a quick response that way as well. No matter how big our company gets, we know that customer service – and building your trust – is at the heart of our mission.

To be the best in property management, we know we have to be able to put ourselves in your shoes. The pain of every day of vacancy. The pain of every unexpected repair. The frustration of tenants paying late. We get it, and we have systems, processes, and training to make sure that every aspect of your interaction with RES proves we get it. We truly understand what your rental property means to you and we work to maximize the value of that asset over time. This part of the unmatched value proposition with Real Estate Solutions.

Everything we do–everything we communicate–is designed to let you know how we plan to keep your costs down, occupancy high, and keep your property maintained.

We average less than 6 days on the market for vacant, rent-ready properties!

Our extensive -and always free to you- marketing package ensures your rental property will be promoted on the top rental websites and that prospective tenants will not have any frustration scheduling showings or getting information.

Where will we market your rental home? Everywhere! Here are some places:

– Zillow
– Trulia
– Hotpads
– Facebook Marketplace
– Craigslist
– and more!

How will we market your rental home? We take the marketing of your rental property very seriously. Professional photography is included for all new clients at no additional charge. We also do a walkthrough video tour of every property, giving prospective tenants an incredible sense of how awesome your rental is!

The best marketing in the world, however, won’t rent your property if your property management company is not responsive, friendly, and professional when interacting with prospective tenants.

You need a company with an easy, inexpensive online application process. That’s Real Estate Solutions. You need a company with text message capability and can respond, on average, in under 3 minutes. That’s Real Estate Solutions. You need a company that answers their phones, responds to emails quickly, and communicates well with prospective tenants. That’s Real Estate Solutions. You also need a company that doesn’t charge tenants any hidden or leasing fees (some other property management companies charge tenants $895 as an admin/lease preparation fee). We don’t charge tenants anything to move into your rental home besides the industry-standard $50 application fee.

When you combine our unbeatable and unparalleled marketing with our industry-leading customer service and our low application fee for tenants, you are guaranteed the best tenants placed in your property as fast as reasonably possible.

In addition, we give you real-time feedback on your property when it’s on the market. You’ll have access to powerful tools we use internally, such as our “LPTI” or Listed Property Inquiries Sheet. This tells you, on any given day, in real-time, how much interest we see in your listing. Showing feedback is also compiled in real-time and available to you upon request.

We quickly answer our texts, emails, and phone calls.

We know that showings are how properties get rented, so when we have a promising prospective tenant, we are ready to run out the door to show your home. Unlike our competitors, Real Estate Solutions always sends a highly trained Team Member, who is always on time, dressed professionally, and driving a professionally-wrapped RES vehicle. This instills confidence in the prospective tenant and makes the kind of first impression that lets the tenant know that this is a company they want to rent through.

Our Team Members are armed with all the important information about your property and they make sure the showings count. Feedback on your property is tracked in real-time to provide to you with Weekly Feedback. Tenants find the application process easy and inexpensive ($50 application fee!)

We have re-defined how rental property showings take place.

Did you know: Many of our competitors have moved to an “unattended showings” model. This means that these other property management companies will let complete strangers enter your home for a “self-guided tour.” These same companies advertise to new clients that they perform showings “7 days a week, including evenings.” This is clearly misleading, and in our opinion, unethical. We have a blog post here on our site that addresses this issue at length but suffice it to say that RES will never do this. We firmly believe that the security of your home and the ability to answer prospective tenant questions and get the home rented are far more important than saving a few dollars by not sending an agent to a showing.

Our screening process is fine-tuned to pick only the best tenants.

The wrong tenants can derail an investment property. Tenant selection isn’t just an important thing, it’s often the MOST important thing. Our eviction rate speaks for itself, less than 3/10ths of 1% of the tenants we place, ever have to be evicted.

Credit scoring, background checks, nationwide criminal background searches, public records check, rental history verification and income verification – this is how it’s done at Real Estate Solutions. We make the process easy for the tenants – approvals are often same-day – but behind the scenes, RES is working hard to make sure anyone we put in your rental home is the best fit possible.

All property management companies place tenants. The problem is, the other companies also charge you an arm and a leg for their trouble.

Marketing your property, handling countless showings, processing applications, move in inspections and tenant placement generally, are all very expensive activities for a property management company. This is why “the other guys” will charge you so much for the service.

We will place your tenants as inexpensively as possible – currently only $1,000 and lower still if you bring us more than 1 door to manage.

If you factor “the other guys” tenant placement fee into their management fees—as of course, you should—you will see a REAL management fee of close to 15% or higher in most cases. And that doesn’t even take into account all the other nickel-and-dime fees they don’t like to talk about. Take a look at this comparison chart here.

Everything we do and everything we charge is in line with your best interests. We deliver our clients the most value in the industry.

Our lease is also designed with the specifics of your property in mind.

Our sophisticated systems operate with specific instructions for each property. If your property has any idiosyncrasies that you’ve informed our Team about, such as a hidden water shut-off valve or a shed that is not for tenant use, rest-assured our systems will ensure this information makes it to the lease. 

Our attorney reviewed and regularly updated lease is complete with clauses designed to be fair but to protect you, the landlord. Our leases are encrypted and utilize current digital signature technology.

It’s important to note also, that RES does not charge your tenants any type of lease preparation fee. Some competitors charge as much as $895 – to the tenants – for this service. You can imagine what a detriment this must serve towards getting a property rented.

Gone are the days of walk-throughs with landlord and tenant, each holding a paper checklist, in an attempt to document and “remember the condition” for the eventual move out.

Our move in documentation process is fast, efficient, and exceptionally thorough. Our proprietary process and equipment ensures incredible detail is collected on every property before tenants take possession. Every square inch is systematically documented. This includes hundreds of high-definition photos to document the precise pre-move in condition of your property.

We also carefully factor in ordinary wear and tear. This is not just a wise business practice from RES, it’s the law. Shockingly, other property management companies do not have a codified system of tracking ordinary wear and tear. If a claim is going to be made against a security deposit, that claim has to be defensible in court. RES has exceptional expertise in this area, ensuring a fair disposition of the security deposit and one that is legally defensible.Everything we do and everything we charge is in line with your best interests. We deliver our clients the most value in the industry.

One of the keys to excellent property management is having excellent and consistently utilized checklists for every activity.

The only way to perform consistently at a high level for our clients is to have an incredible focus on attention to detail and on sophisticated, real-time systems. We eat, sleep, and breathe checklists and processes. Whether it’s repair protocol for a property or whether it’s, access instructions involving a gate code, digital door lock code, or the lease renewal and move-out process for a property, it has to be right, 100% of the time. Changes resulting from updated information need to happen NOW, not later. We perform efficiently for you, the client, in order to keep our – and your – costs down.

Not only do we utilize sophisticated checklists, but they are also seamlessly visited by all Team Members working with your property. Our inter-office systems and communication ensure that when reaching out to Real Estate Solutions, you will have the utmost confidence in the Team Member with whom you are speaking.

Our clients do not look forward to repairs. With our systems, you can at least look forward to excellent communication and an approach designed to minimize your costs.

That’s why our repair process begins with us notifying you of any repair issues at your property. You’ll receive communication from us when a work order is created, and that communication will tell you what the problem is and what we’ve already done to troubleshoot the problem. 

Rest assured knowing we are on your side when it comes to repairs. We don’t have any financial ties to any vendors and we keep them at arm’s length so we can represent your best financial interests. You’ll never see a maintenance markup from Real Estate Solutions. 

Our extensive vendor contact list ensures that maintenance issues are handled effectively and timely. We ensure tenants have contact deadlines to help make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We have multiple layers of systems all working together to ensure any maintenance issue is tackled.

Expert tenant screening, a thorough and attorney reviewed lease, ethical and fair business practices: a company designed to keep conflicts out of court.

Our eviction rate is less than .3% (3/10ths of 1 percent), which speaks not only to our abilities in terms of tenant placement, but also it speaks to the effectiveness of our lease. If we need to file an eviction at your property, we quickly send the eviction off to an “eviction only” law firm, where the eviction is filed the same day. You will only pay for the eviction cost itself, and even then the money comes from your tenant’s security deposit. 

Real Estate Solutions will not charge you for our extra time and effort, unlike our competitors. Don’t be fooled by companies offering “eviction protection plans”: the tenant’s security deposit will pay for their own eviction, not you.

When your Denver, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado property management company does not charge you for tenant placement, their business interests are the same as yours: keeping great tenants in the rental property year after year.

Approximately 60 days prior to your tenant’s lease expiration, you’ll hear from us with our professional opinion on lease renewal. We’ll tell you what we suggest on the rental rate and why. 

If you have a different opinion on the renewal rate, we will always defer to you.

If your tenants want to renew, we will prepare their new lease and inspect the property to ensure there are no lease violations before they sign a new lease. 

If the tenants are not renewing, we’ll have your property back on the market about 30 days before your tenants move out. In most cases, we will have your property re-rented before your current tenants even vacate!

At some point, all tenants eventually move, whether it’s in a year or 30 years. When that happens, we manage the move-out process.

We are usually at properties for the move-out inspection the same day the tenants have vacated. We know how expensive vacancies are for our clients, so we move fast to minimize that expense. By the time the move out inspection occurs, there is a good chance we already have new tenants ready to sign a lease and move in. 

We will check your property for dirt, damage, smells and any missing equipment. We will notify you of any wear-and-tear conditions (such as paint) that may require an owner contribution to address, and we will coordinate the turnover work quickly and effectively. If your previous tenants need to be held liable for any issues, we will take care of that too–and never at any expense to you. 

We will handle the security deposit disposition in accordance with state law, including any security deposit claims and refunds.

We do all this for the lowest cost in the industry

Our company is systems-oriented, not commission-oriented. We will always pass our efficiencies and economies of scale to our clients, via the lowest costs and best service in the industry – guaranteed.

We think we do a great job at being honest, transparent and fair.

We are among the only companies (maybe the only company) that says exactly what we charge on our website. Our competitors would love you to “fill out a form for a quote” and then they will “wheel and deal” to get your business.

We make our promises clear on our website and on our Management Agreement and we keep those promises to our clients

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