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Listing to Lease Signing

The fastest way to lose money on a rental property is for it to sit empty. All of our systems are designed around getting your property rented as quickly as possible, to the best tenants possible.

The rental market

Real Estate Solutions knows the rental market.

We know what areas are hot and what areas are cold. This changes month by month, year by year. Our extensive portfolio and real-time data acquisition help to ensure we are constantly on the cutting-edge of the rental market.

We know where tenants are looking for rentals, how they are searching, and how to attract the best tenants for every type of property.We know exactly what the condition should be of every rental property, in order to maximize your return on investment. We understand the value of spending the money where it’s necessary, but not wasting money without a return. This is professional management.

Listing & marketing

We know all the top rental websites and we know how to produce marketing that consistently attracts tenants.

The top websites are always changing, but Real Estate Solutions keeps a close eye on the trends in the rental market. Today, tenants are mostly using Zillow, but tomorrow it could be a new site that doesn’t even exist yet. We hedge our bets by listing on all the top sites and a few more, just to make sure we are reaching every prospective tenant possible. Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, MLS, Nextdoor, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Apartments.com, Craigslist and more.

Taking great photos matters now more than ever. Add to that some high-quality video tours (something we do for every unit at no charge) and you’ve got a compelling package.

More than just the photos and video, however, marketing has to be responsive. At Real Estate Solutions, we are constantly paying attention to how many views, how many saves and how much interest each property is getting, and we provide that feedback to our owners of vacant properties – along with our professional recommendations – each week. The importance of minimizing vacancy time cannot be overstated in our business.

The best marketing in the world is nothing without a hyper-responsive company on the other end of the listings. That’s RES. We respond to text messages on average, in under 3 minutes. We answer our phones, we respond to emails quickly. Showings and renting our listings are a top priority. We have dedicated company vehicles ready to hit the road to rent your property asap.

Showing the property

We love what we do, and we are eager to show your property, and that comes across to prospective tenants.

Yes, that’s a wrapped company Tesla. You can see why we are eager to show your property!

Not only are we always on time (or early!) and dressed professionally, but our Team is also armed with an incredible amount of information about your property. We make sure prospective tenants are comfortable with RES and with the process of renting your property. There are no hidden fees for tenants – they just pay the $50 application fee and RES does the rest. Tenants want to rent through RES. Many will move from RES property to RES property, just because they know we are professional, responsive and we keep high standards for the properties we manage. This all leads to success for you, the landlord.

Showings for RES do not just include an agent opening a door. We have a strict internal protocol where we are actually inspecting your property to the degree possible, during the showing. We track things like where your HVAC is set, how the blinds are angled, whether the home appears clean enough for move-in, as well as tracking the exact feedback from prospective tenants while on-site.

Choosing a tenant

We take great pride in our ability to attract and select the best tenants – the kind of tenants that leave the property the way they found it.

Minus ordinary wear and tear, most RES-placed tenants are exceptional. Because our company standards are high for the property at move-in (clean, carpets professionally steam-cleaned, rent-ready work done including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, clean AC filter, digital door lock), we are able to enforce high standards at turnover as well.

In practice, this means the cycle of happy, long-term tenants is easier to keep going. Longer term tenants, better tenants and a cared-for property are all part of the recipe for success with Real Estate Solutions at the helm.

Legal Paperwork

Keeping our lease up to date is part of our commitment to you, the client.

Increasingly, landlord/tenant laws are changing. The dynamic is shifting ever-in-favor of the tenant, and against the landlord.

Real Estate Solutions is committed to always being on top of the shifting legal sands and protecting your interests. Our lease has been court-tested over the years, and our processes and procedures have constantly been honed and shaped by evolving legislative mandates. We keep our clients apprised of all relevant legislation and we prepare and advise them for any hurdles we see coming.

We are much more than an ordinary property management company; we are a professional advisor managing your most valuable asset.

We do all this for the lowest cost in the industry

Our company is systems-oriented, not commission-oriented. We will always pass our efficiencies and economies of scale to our clients, via the lowest costs and best service in the industry – guaranteed.

Our company is systems-oriented, not commission-oriented.

We make our money by keeping a lot of properties rented, all the time. By keeping great tenants in your property and by keeping you happy with our property leasing company services year after year. Can you imagine what type of tenant you’d get with a company where the agents just want their commission check as quickly as possible?
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