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Listing to Lease Signing

You’ve got to know the rental market for your property. You need expert judgment when evaluating condition, pricing and how to attract the right tenants quickly. We can provide you with property listing solutions.

The Rental Market
Listing & Marketing
Showing the Property
Choosing a Tenant
Legal Paperwork

You’ve got to know the rental market so you know where to price your property.

You’ve got to know what condition the property needs to be in, to attract the best tenants. You might know from experience, or even intuition, that if tenants will accept a property in poor condition, they are not going to be great tenants. 

If your property needs work, you’ve got to decide how much work to do, who to hire and just how extensive the work needs to be. This is a significant judgment call and if you’re wrong you could overpay for unnecessary work by thousands of dollars.

You’ve got to know the top rental websites, you’ll need to create accounts to post on those sites and you’re going to need the best and most competitive marketing pictures.

You’ve got to secure the best marketing photos you can. Do you need a professional camera? What about a drone for aerial photography? Do you know how to compress the photos so they will upload to all the marketing sites?

You’ve got to describe your property in a way you think prospective tenants will respond well to. You’ve got to know the likely demographic for your property, and decide whether to allow pets, whether to cover any utilities, etc. You’ll also want to track any changes you’ve made to your listing across all the websites so you can see what works and what doesn’t, and track how the market is responding to your listing. 

Our elite Team Members are trained drone pilots. Real Estate Solutions is leading the industry with the most amazing photos of our client’s properties! From our breathtaking aerial photos, which give tenants a real sense of the property, to our carefully staged interior photos, we show clients and tenants alike that we take pride in providing excellent marketing. We invest in the best photographic technology available to ensure our clients properties stand out above the rest – way above.

Real Estate Solutions Aerial Photography

Now that the property is listed, you begin the hard work! You have to take all the calls and emails about your property-making yourself available 7 days a week-cutting into your personal time and interrupting your life–and you have to set up showings of your property.

Whether you live next door or across town, this can be a huge pain! Is it safe? How do you know who you are meeting there and what will you do if something goes wrong? Prospective tenants say they will be there, but then they don’t show up. Or they show up late… RES handles all the headaches associated with showing your property, and we are available 7 days a week, days and evenings – we do what it takes to rent your property quickly and to ensure your vacancy time is kept to a minimum.

Once you’ve found prospective tenants who are interested in your property, you will ask them to complete a rental application. Once you have the rental application how do you know what to look for?

What if they have terrible credit, but seemed really nice at the showing? What if they have great credit but they don’t have a job lined up in the area yet? What if you found an eviction on their record but they had a lengthy explanation about why it wasn’t their fault (or maybe they claim that’s not even them?!) Should you wait for a better application to come along, meanwhile racking up more vacancy expenses, or should you settle on the current applicants and hope they work out? RES answers all these challenging questions and more with our extensive experience in renting to only the best tenants possible.

You’ve chosen your tenants, so now it’s time to have them sign a lease! Are you certain your lease will cover all the possible scenarios with your property?

Has your lease been tested in court? Did you remember to require renter’s insurance and proof of utilities transferred into your new tenant’s names before giving them keys? 

Lastly, you remembered to secure move-in documentation of the property, right? Date stamped, time stamped HD pictures of every square inch of the property, inside of all appliances, cabinets, the AC filter, proof you had smoke alarms and CO detectors. If you don’t have this level of proof of the move in condition, any security deposit claims upon move out could end up costing you 3x what you tried to charge the tenants – plus court costs. You did this, right?


Our company is systems-oriented, not commission oriented. While the process of listing to lease signing is extremely labor intensive and every step requires an exceptional level of expertise, we do not charge for this part of our service with our 7% management fee contract.

Real Estate Agent

Our company is systems-oriented, not commission-oriented.

We make our money by keeping a lot of properties rented, all the time. By keeping great tenants in your property and by keeping you happy with our property leasing company services year after year. Can you imagine what type of tenant you’d get with a company where the agents just want their commission check as quickly as possible?

We don’t charge for:

  • Maintenance calls
  • Placing tenants (7% contract)
  • Evictions (We average less than 0.3%)
  • Restarting the marketing during any future vacancy.

ALL OF THIS is built-in and covered by our low 7% fee!