Sell Your Property

Tenant Occupied? Owner Occupied? No Problem. A Stress-Free Closing With More Money In Your Pocket!
Sell your property with a property manager

Selling your rental property doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive!

Our sales division will walk you through the process, making your sale painless and as inexpensive as possible.
How to price
How do I know at what price to list my home?

We rely on real-world neighborhood analytics on how your comparables are performing, allowing you to price your property competitively.

This gets you top dollar in the shortest amount of time, avoiding the need for price-drops and stagnant listings.

How quick
How quickly can you sell my home?

When you’re working with a Sales Expert at Real Estate Solutions, know that they have the full power of the most Elite property management company behind them.

This means that your RES Sales Expert has access to a constantly expanding network of tenants-turned-buyers, investors who want to add a new property, and many other contacts that may buy your home! This is powerful built in marketing and it will result in your home selling more quickly with Real Estate Solutions than with any other Real Estate company.

What to prepare
What do I need to do to prepare for the sale?
We’ll work with you to make sure your property is as attractive as possible. From curb appeal to interior staging, we are going to develop the most cost-effective strategy to sell your home.
Denver Property Management

How To Sell Your Property

Work with our expert sales team who will list your property, market it extensively, guide you through offers and negotiations, and leverage checklists and systems to ensure all deadlines are met until the smooth closing when your property is finally sold.
Step 1

Meet with one of our highly trained Sales Experts to determine the best sales price and sign a listing agreement.

Step 2
Our Sales Expert will immediately get to work with scheduling marketing photos and listing your property in the multiple listing service as well as other top sales websites to ensure the maximum exposure for your property.
Step 3
Our Sales Team will notify you of upcoming showings and give you instructions to ensure your home is the one the buyers make an offer on. Your Sales Expert will extol the virtues of your home to all other sales agents and prospective buyers and they will work tirelessly to ensure your home is sold – quickly.
Step 4
When offers are submitted, your Sales Expert will go over them with you, identifying factors that may be relevant to your particular sale, including the apparent ability of the buyer to close, discussing the pros and cons of a cash offer, etc. Your Sales Expert will guide you through the often challenging waters of negotiation to ensure you do not leave money on the table or let a good deal pass you by.
Step 5
Once you’ve accepted an offer or a buyer has accepted your counter offer, your Sales Expert will work to ensure all deadlines are met: inspections, appraisal, financing, etc. The property is not sold until closing, so your Sales Expert will leverage Real Estate Solutions checklists and systems to ensure nothing is forgotten or missed and the closing goes smoothly.