Professional Property Management

No hidden fees, no fine print.
Professional property management with no hidden fees or fine print.


No hidden fees. EVER!

Real Estate Solutions




per month


per month


7%, capped on the upper end at $200.


10% is common and does not include numerous hidden fees


Drops to $700 for owners with >1 property for us to manage.


ENTIRE first month’s rent!



A thorough inspection, including furnace/AC filters, detailed photos and a new lease each year.


A thorough inspection, including furnace/AC filters, detailed photos, and a new lease each year.


(Assumes 1 tenant placement and 12 months management)


(Assumes 1 tenant placement and 12 months mgmt)


You can keep $2,316 more per year with our fee structure!

You can lose $2,316 per year with the other guy’s fee structure!


Our competitive management fees are only the beginning.

Bigger Pockets featured property manager
Our tenant placement

$1000. RES has vastly superior marketing (we include professional photos and a video tour of the property for new clients at no charge).

The result?

Extremely low days-on-market. Owners with >1 door under management are eligible for a discount.

The other guys

1 full month’s rent for tenant placement (or more for a longer lease.) They will also charge your tenants exorbitant fees ranging from “lease administration fees” to “monthly administrative fees” and so on.

This higher cost is even with their poor quality marketing and unattended showings.

Our maintenance

Real Estate Solutions never profits from maintenance. We troubleshoot a lot of simple issues tenants face, remotely.

Circuit breakers, garage door eye alignment, etc. are handled without an expensive vendor trip to your property.

When we do send out vendors, we use 3rd party vendors and keep them at arm’s length. We expect them to stand behind their work and offer competitive pricing for our clients.

The other guys

The other guys will send maintenance to your property, at your expense, the moment there is an issue.

They also charge extra (to you and the tenants) for handling maintenance.

Upcharges, surcharges, maintenance fees. Oftentimes, this is hidden in your contract and called an “affiliate vendor arrangement.”

Technically legal, but unethical, in our opinion.

Our time spent on property

Included for no extra charge.

Some properties take a lot of work. Some take very little work. If your property takes up much of our time, we are in it together with you and won’t charge you more.

The other guys

Some contracts from the other guys specifically state that if they spend more than a few hours a year on your property, they’ll charge you another $70 per hour.

This is common – the “other guys” are always looking for a way they can keep more of your money.

Our lease renewals

We do not charge our clients at the time of lease renewal. We perform thorough property inspections, evaluate the property condition, and ensure no lease violations before allowing the tenants to extend their lease.

Our annual fee on 1/1 ($200) each year covers this and is lower than the competition.

The other guys

Many competitors charge $399, plus hefty fees to your tenants. There is no additional value to be found here; they are not doing anything we are not doing.

In most cases it’s a single lease extension form, instead of the RES full new lease (to include any legislative changes). It’s just a case of “how much can we get away with charging.”

Our payments received
You get a clear statement every month and you get paid as soon as the rent comes in. We also keep you apprised of any late-pay situations and we let you know exactly what is going on with the rent.
The other guys
The other guys “batch pay” owners near the end of each month. It’s too time-consuming for them to pay you when the rent actually gets dropped off at their office or when it’s paid online by tenants.
Our communication

This is the number 1 reason clients switch to RES from our competitors. We respond to text messages as a Team within minutes.

Emails are always responded to the same day. We inform you of all important aspects of the life cycle of your property before you even have to ask. Calls are answered or promptly returned. This level of communication is unheard of in any industry, especially property management.

The other guys

The other guys have multiple layers of bureaucracy, all of which you are paying for and none of which will help you if you need something.

If you call, prepare for long hold times and then being dumped into a voicemail box. If you email and are lucky enough to get a response, it will probably be “not my department, let me forward your email.”

When you do finally get a reply, it is unlikely to be professional or thorough.

Our marketing

We will just come right out and say it – no other company can rent properties as quickly as RES.

Our professional marketing photos and video tours are far superior to what the other guys offer.

Our responsiveness to prospective tenants is unmatched, and our flexibility and sophistication for setting up showings is unmatched.

Our business model allows us to send an agent in a company car within minutes if a prospective tenant is qualified and wants to see your property now. A person ALWAYS conducts our showings – RES will never permit unattended showings.

Unattended showings expose you to the risk of damage and unsecured property and do not help you rent your property (no matter how the other guys might spin it).

Our clients also have access to our internal LPTI sheet, a proprietary marketing tool showing clients exactly how much interest their property receives in real-time. Listing adjustments are made with our valuable data and in response to precise market conditions.

The other guys

The other guys are a mess. You can expect amateur standard point-and-shoot pictures.

Often, these are shockingly bad. Lights off, blinds closed, easy staging not done, and often with dirty camera lenses that lead to blurry photos. If you’re lucky enough to get decent photos, the other guys do not include our video walk-through virtual tours.

The worst part is that the other guys are very hard to reach for prospective tenants to set up a showing. They are not responsive, flexible, or quick with showing times.

Since the other guys can’t (or don’t want to) actually show your property, they will lean instead on “self-showings” or “unattended showings” and spin this as if it’s a feature and not a bug. The only advantage of self-showings goes to them.

They save the cost of physically going to the property at the expense of the client. All of this leads to extended vacancy times.

Things you will never hear from us about our fees:




We give you the best deal upfront. We don’t wheel and deal to get the most out of you. 
We’re fair, honest, and upfront with everything. No negotiating is necessary.