Rent Your Home For Only


( $99 minimum, $149 maximum )

No up front costs, no hidden fees, no fine print.

See how Real Estate Solutions compares to the competition.

Some of our competitors like to advertise a “low at monthly rate” to manage your property. Sounds great, right?

We agree, it sounds too good to be true. Because it is. Here’s an example of the services not included with one of the biggest “flat fee” management companies.

Real Estate SolutionsTHE OTHER GUYS
per month
per month
per month ($105.00)
flat fee per month
ALWAYS free!
ENTIRE first months rent!
(7%) (Max $149)
YOUR MONTHLY REVENUE$1,395.00$1,283.34
YOUR ANNUAL REVENUE$16,740.00$15,400.08
You can earn $1,339.92 more per year with our 7% (max $149) rateYou can lose $1,339.92 per year with the other guys $99.99 flat fee

And that’s giving the other guys the benefit of the doubt. The difference gets even bigger!

Our low rate is really all there is. But with the other guys, there’s a fee for almost any time they interact with your property.

Real Estate Solutions


Tenant Placement

Included for no extra charge

They really don’t want to talk about this, but that attractive “flat monthly rate” doesn’t include tenant placement. They will NOT: take a single call from tenants, respond to a single email, put a sign out or post your property online –unless and until you agree to give them at least an entire month’s rent!


Included for no extra charge

The other guys charge extra for handling maintenance. So, in addition to having to shell out your hard-earned money on a repair, you’ll be shelling out more money to pay your management company.

Time Spent On Property

Included for no extra charge

One of our competitor contracts specifically states that if they have to spend more than a few hours a year on your property, they’ll charge you another $70 or so per hour.

Lease Renewals

There is no fee from Real Estate Solutions.

Many charge $399 (compare with $100 for us, and we will gladly send you pictures of the renewal inspection at no charge, of course).

Receiving Payment

You get a clear statement every month and you get paid as soon as the rent comes in.

Most of our competitors “batch pay” owners around the 20th of each month. It’s too time-consuming for them to pay you when the rent actually gets dropped off at their office or when it’s paid online by tenants.


Less than 24 hours, on most occasions within minutes if not immediate.

If you have a question on your statement, good luck getting ahold of someone. If you have a question on an invoice or a repair, good luck getting ahold of someone. If your property manager goes on vacation… well, we wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

Outstanding Marketing With Aerial Photography

Our elite Team Members are also trained drone pilots. Real Estate Solutions is leading the industry with the most amazing photos of our client’s properties! From our breathtaking aerial photos, which give tenants a real sense of the property, to our carefully staged interior photos, we show clients and tenants alike that we take pride in providing excellent marketing. We invest in the best photographic technology available to ensure our clients properties stand out above the rest – way above.

Amateur standard point and shoot pictures.

Things you will never hear from us about costs:
“Well it depends” or “Let me see what I can do”

We give you the best deal up front. You don’t need to worry if you will get out sold by the other guy on the phone with us. We don’t wheel and deal to get the most out of you that we can manage. We’re fair, honest, and upfront with everything. No negotiating necessary.