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Whether you’re a first-time landlord or a seasoned investor, we’re here to help.

Our fee structure is simple! There are 3 charges. Monthly management fee, leasing fee, annual fee. We charge 7% of the rent ($99 minimum, $200 maximum) when the rent is paid.

We do not charge you during a vacancy. Leasing fees are currently $1,000 unless you bring us more than 1 property, in which case that fee drops to $700 per door. The 3rd and final fee is our $200 annual fee. This is paid on January 1st of each year (please note it is not pro-rated) and also drops to $100/door if you bring us more than 1 door to manage.

We do not charge you for lease renewal inspections/lease extensions. We don’t make any money off of maintenance (from you or your tenants), and we also don’t charge your tenants any leasing or admin fees at move-in – unlike nearly every other property management firm.

Simple and straightforward fees are part of how we keep you happy as a client and how we keep your tenants happy and more inclined to renew their lease each year.

We can charge the lowest fees in the industry while offering the best service because our systems and our company culture revolve around efficiency, competence, and continuous improvement.

Call us and see if we answer during business hours! Text us to see how quickly you get a response! 303-586-5560 (text or call.) Send an email and see how long it takes to get a response (Denver@RESrents.com.) You will find that RES is the real deal. We deliver every single day on our promises to clients and tenants.


However, before we assist you with property management, we will require evidence that any contract with the other management company has been terminated.

Once you have successfully ended your relationship with the other company, Real Estate Solutions’ services may be retained and we can immediately get to work. We can coordinate with the other company to secure security deposits, leases, keys, etc.

Of course!

We have a long list of pre-screened, approved vendors who know that when Real Estate Solutions sends a work order, the expectation is quality work, excellent communication and a fair and clear invoice.

We hold the vendors we use to the highest standards and if they do not meet our standards we move on to another vendor. When we receive an invoice, we review it and if it’s satisfactory we will upload it to your owner portal and pay the vendor from the following month’s rental proceeds.

You will receive a clear statement indicating income and expenses every month, as well as the invoice via our owner portal, for your records.

While the number of days on the market always depends on the property, it’s condition, the price (and other terms such as whether pets are allowed), what we can tell you is that no one will rent your property faster than Real Estate Solutions.

Our business model is built from the ground-up to rent properties quickly.

Company-wide text messaging with the public, a fleet of wrapped RES vehicles, Team Members who do not get paid on commission (and who, therefore, are happy to run out to conduct a showing), marketing on all the top rental websites (including the MLS/Multiple Listing Service), Virtual Tours, professional-quality marketing photos, lightning-quick responsiveness to prospective tenants, showings 6 days a week and much more.

If your property is in good shape and you take our advice on condition, pricing and pets, RES will get the job done – quickly.