Finding Quality Tenants

Let Us Do The Hard Work With Our Tenant Locator Service
Property management that finds quality tenants

Our tenant locator services in Colorado are designed with the private landlord in mind.

With the right tenant locator services in Colorado, your rental property can be even more successful and profitable.

Our tenant locator services in Colorado are designed with the private landlord in mind.

Let us handle all the marketing, all the showings, tenant screening, and lease preparation – all for one very low price!

You will have the final say on which tenants rent your property, and once they sign the lease, you will take over as the landlord. We make it painless to find the best tenants for your Colorado, rental property!

The Tenant Problem:
Marketing and showing your rental property takes up a lot of time. Screening tenants properly requires specialized software.
Real Estate Solutions:
Our tenant locator service finds the best possible tenants in the shortest amount of time. Relax and let us do the heavy lifting.
Why Choose Us
With our Tenant Locator service, you can trust us to handle the entire tenant search process efficiently and effectively.
We find the best tenants
We Market The Property
Just as with our property management service, your property is marketed on the top rental websites and shown by our professional Team Members – unlike some competitors, who simply use “access systems” to let tenants into your property, unescorted.
We Setup The Showings
Our proprietary internal technologies allow us to show properties to qualified candidates very quickly. This leads to lower vacancy times.
We Screen The Applicants
Credit checks, nationwide background checks, public records check, sex offender check, rental history verification, and income verification – we give you the complete picture of your prospective tenants.
We Handle Lease Signings
We prepare the lease, coordinate the lease signing with your new tenants at our office, we collect the move-in funds. We take our fee and send the security deposit, signed lease, and remaining funds over to you.
Total cost

No upfront costs


RES gets paid from the first month’s rent paid by your tenant at the lease signing.