Denver and Jacksonville Property Management Success Stories

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Every week, frustrated landlords turn to Real Estate Solutions for help with the property management of their Denver or Jacksonville properties.

Usually, the situation is something like this:

-The landlord has been managing the property for years without problems.

-The current tenants are always late, and the landlord has “had it” by this point.  Usually, there is a large outstanding balance by the time RES is involved.

So, what happens next?  Once the landlord decides to hire Real Estate Solutions, we spring into action.  We immediately take the following steps to make our new client whole again:

1) We evaluate the current lease and any past-due arrangements that may have been made between the tenant and landlord.  If those agreements were informal (phone call, text message trail, etc.), RES will draft a new agreement, codifying the terms upon which both parties agreed.

2) RES reaches out to the tenants and informs them of the change in management, and we let the tenant know that their current lease remains intact, but we intend to enforce that lease.

3) Once we’ve got everything entered into our systems (new owner information, property information, tenant information, lease information, any maintenance information on the property, etc.) we post any necessary notices and prepare for an eviction.  Often, this all happens the same day we were hired!

4) Once the tenants realize that RES is managing the property and that RES is serious about lease enforcement, something truly amazing happens more often than not:  THE TENANTS PAY WHAT THEY OWE!

This, of course, is a tremendous benefit to the landlord – our new client.  They simply filled out our Management Agreement and handed the reigns over to RES.  There is no money due from the landlord, as we will take on a new property – even in the midst of an eviction or possible eviction – completely for free!

5) In the worst-case scenarios, RES does have to file the eviction on the landlord’s behalf.  The silver lining in these situations, however, is that the landlord knows RES will file the eviction A) quickly, B) correctly and C) at no charge to the landlord!


Property Management Jacksonville

In the event RES is hired to manage a Denver or Jacksonville property and that property has no rent coming in – and an eviction needs to be filed – RES will do ALL THE WORK from filing the eviction to handling the turnover, to finding new tenants, COMPLETELY FOR FREE!  The first time that new client will even pay RES will be when we find new tenants and they sign a lease – and in that case, the only fee we will collect is 7% of the rent or $100.  That’s a pretty good deal!

Just this week, our Denver property management Team had two separate instances where new clients hired us, frustrated by their chronically late tenants.  Our Denver property management Team was able to collect full rent and late fees on both of those properties!

We know that with rental properties: everything is fine until it’s not.  When the day comes when things start going sideways, it’s good to know you have our elite Denver or Jacksonville property management Teams on your side!